Short Term Goals

Our immediate goals are to grow our investor base in order to increase our working capital so that we are able to target top tier investments with the largest potential profit margins. Our capital target right now is 1 Million Dollars and we are currently 78% funded.

Long Term Goals

Our 5-year strategy includes a transition into new construction; multi state integration and growing our residential rental portfolio to create residual income and equity for large-scale projects.

Investment Proposal

What we offer is an opportunity for people to invest in the most secure asset there is in today's economy, real estate. Home buying and lending has returned to peak levels. Home values in Atlanta rose 12% in 2017 and the number of homes sold is up 7.7% year over year.

Most investments today either have very low yields (savings accounts, bonds, 401k, commodities) or are highly volatile (stocks, hedge funds, ETF’s etc.) and require a great deal of attention and risk.

We are offering a low risk, high yield investment with no long-term commitments. All of our investment capital is managed and held by an independent licensed broker dealer, Eiat Wealth Management, who is fully insured and bonded. You will also receive a quarterly financial statement that details your active investment and YTD ROI as well as 24 hour online access to projects where your funds are currently invested that will include photos, architectural plans and a schedule of work.

Your investment will always go towards working capital for the construction phase of your specific “project”.

Your investment will be secured by a security deed, which gives you lien rights against the property you're invested in and ensures you're paid when the property is sold.. You can execute the lien if there is ever any complications with your investment.

You will never be allocated any shares of ownership in either our company or our real estate holdings. Your name will never appear on any property deed.

Your investment will be held until the project you’ve funded has been completed in its entirety and sold. Typical holding periods are 3-4 months; funds will be disbursed as soon as your project has sold.

You will receive a tax form at the end of each year detailing your capital gains. You are required to file those forms with your annual taxes.

  • ROI is paid per FLIP, not annually. If you were to invest in four flips (reinvesting both principal and dividend) per year your annual ROI would potentially be over 51%. See example below:​

  • Triton Holdings cannot be held liable for any changes in market conditions that may directly affect your investments.

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