When you sign up for the program we will walk you thru your first flip from start to finish!

We will help you with the following aspects:

  • Identifying a home to purchase
  • Obtaining financing to purchase your flip
  • Help you put together your construction budget and obtain permits.
  • Introduce you to all of the contractors you need to complete your project.
  • Help you design the home.
  • Help you list and sell the home for maximum profits!

Terms and conditions are as follows:

  • $1500 to start (non refundable)
  • 20% of the net profit on your sale or $5000.00, whichever is greater. (ie. If you make a profit of $40,000, we get $8,000)
  • You must sign an exclusive listing agreement with one of our agents for both the acquisition and sale of the property. This is done to ensure a seamless ethical transaction for you on your first project.
  • You must use Atlanta Private Lending for a hard money loan, this will ensure that we are able to get your loan funded and closed on time in order to secure your home. (subject to approval)
  • You must work with our list of approved contractors, these are people we know are reliable and produce a product that is conducive with our brand. –
  • You must be ACTIVE in the entire process, you should visit your flip at least 3x week and we will do a weekly walkthrough with you until work is completed.
  • You must have cash on hand to start the project. Your down payment is going to be around 10% of your acquisition cost and renovation budget. (ie. If you are buying the house for 100k and have a 100k renovation budget you will need around 20K to close)
  • You must have cash on hand to start renovations, a minimum of 5k but 10k is ideal.

By paying your deposit you agree to all of these terms.

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