This is a program for those individuals looking to “get their feet wet”, who may be curious about investing but not quite ready to “dive” all the way in. This program allows you to invest on a per flip basis. Meaning you can invest in one project at a time for set returns and then cash out if you’d like. A quick cash approach to investing.


On average these investments will yield a dividend in 6-8 months.


This program is for more seasoned investors, geared towards those looking for retirement planning or simply building their investment portfolio. With this program there is a 12 month commitment and your funds (principal and dividend) are automatically rolled over into the next project.


At the end of your 12 month term we give you the option to cash out or reinvest.


Want to Know More About Us?

What we offer is an opportunity for people to invest in the most secure asset there is in today's economy, real estate. Home buying and lending has returned to peak levels. Home values in Atlanta rose 12% in 2017 and the number of homes sold is up 7.7% year over year.