Triton holdings is a privately held real estate investment group specializing in high end home flips and mid-size rental holdings in the metro Atlanta area. We have over 10 years experience in home flips, new construction, capital improvements and property management. To date, we have performed and managed over 100 million dollars in construction. Currently our home flips average 120 days from purchase to sale and we stagger our projects so that we are able to sell a home at least every 30 days.

We give people an easy opportunity to start investing and putting their savings or retirement funds right to work. People that may have always been interested in investing in real estate but just don’t have the time to do it hands on. People that want some sort of residual income flow but don’t want the hassle of dealing with tenants or contractors. We make YOU the money while we handle the headaches. For those who may be tired of low returns or losing sleep over volatile markets. We put your money to work in the most sound and proven investment year over year. Real Estate.

We use a specialized formula that has been perfected thru years of experience to identify specific properties in top tier or up and coming neighborhoods that will allow for maximum profitability. Our formula takes into account several factors such as initial purchase price, average sales price per sq. ft in the prospective neighborhood, renovation cost per sq. ft based on current design trends, holding costs and final sale costs. We never deviate from the formula and will only invest based on those principles. This process allows us to maintain an optimal median sales price and high profit margins. We are able to attain such high margins due to our specialized formulas and utilization of a lender to limit our initial exposure. After the house is sold we pay back the loan principle plus fees and nominal interest, closing costs and the rest is pure profit. We rarely utilize brokers due to our specialized program to privately market the home during the construction process and our ability to create beautiful curb appeal.

Our Process

We create one of a kind dream homes with modern, contemporary elements that also include some rustic accents. We firmly believe that a home should be a sanctuary because it is where you spend the most time. We want our home buyers to have their dream homes and look forward to coming home for years to come.


We install high end finishes specific to trending designs that will appeal to all potential home buyers.


We implement all the newest technologies to provide homeowners with a completely integrated and secure home that they can control and monitor from anywhere in the world.


We also install the newest technology to provide an energy efficient and eco friendly home that has sustainable energy sources and is eligible for annual tax deductions. This often may include solar energy, tankless water heaters and recycled materials.

We utilitze a crowdfunding style of investing to raise working capital for the construction phase of our ongoing projects, we give people with more modest means an opportunity to invest in projects by accumulating a number of smaller investments rather than seeking out one large investment. When you invest with us you’re investing in a specific project, not a company. You will never be allocated any percentage of ownership in our company or any of our real estate holdings. Upon investing in a project you are given the address of the property you’ve invested in. You’re also given online access to things like progress pictures and a schedule of work so that you can track your investment. The property address you’re investing in with be public information with the deed being registered to our firm, your name will never appear on any property deed that you are invested in. Your investments are used as working capital for the construction phase of each project.

All of your investments are held in a money market account by an independent, third party licensed broker dealer, Eiat Wealth Management. Their firm is bonded and insured. Your funds are always safe, just as if they were being held in your own bank.

We are providing the general public with an opportunity that has made the private sector billions and billions of dollars. We offer an opportunity to take short term positions if you need a “quick flip” or long term positions if you are trying to prepare for retirement and looking for some residual income

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Your investment dividends are paid on a per flip basis, not an annual basis so you have an opportunity to invest in multiple projects per year which will raise your annual ROI. The above chart is an example of what your returns may look like if you reinvest your principal and yield, per investment over a longer term.