Triton Holdings was started in 2018 and our business model consists of acquiring multiple properties in the same neighborhoods and building homes of similar square footage and bed/bath count. This allows us to maintain similar price points and create prospective buyer pools which allows us to pre-sell many of our homes before they come to market. We produce a high quality product with superior craftsmanship and the latest design trends which allows us to seperate ourselves from the majority of other builders. We utilize a strategic pricing model for both acquisitions and renovations that allows us to keep lower operating costs while still being able to produce a quality product. We keep most of our workers in house on payroll which allows us to eliminate additional contractor costs. We also negotiate the lowest rates possible with all of our suppliers based on the volume of business that we supply each company.

Last year we injected over 2 Million dollars back into our local community via the work provided to our employees and suppliers. In the last year we have also developed a “tiny house” division where we build spec homes on trailers ranging from 50-75k at an 80% profit margin. Additionally we have opened a food truck park for the community called Triton Yards, which allows neighbors and prospective buyers to familiarize themselves with our product while also allowing the Food Truck vendors to supply our community with a plethora of food options in an otherwise “food desert”.

We use a specialized formula that has been perfected thru years of experience to identify specific properties in top tier or up and coming neighborhoods that will allow for maximum profitability. Our formula takes into account several factors such as initial purchase price, average sales price per sq. ft in the prospective neighborhood, renovation cost per sq. ft based on current design trends, holding costs and final sale costs. We never deviate from the formula and will only invest based on those principles. This process allows us to maintain an optimal median sales price and high profit margins. We are able to attain such high margins due to our specialized formulas and utilization of a lender to limit our initial exposure. After the house is sold we pay back the loan principle plus fees and nominal interest, closing costs and the rest is pure profit. We rarely utilize brokers due to our specialized program to privately market the home during the construction process and our ability to create beautiful curb appeal.

Our Process

We create one of a kind dream homes with modern, contemporary elements that also include some rustic accents. We firmly believe that a home should be a sanctuary because it is where you spend the most time. We want our home buyers to have their dream homes and look forward to coming home for years to come.


We install high end finishes specific to trending designs that will appeal to all potential home buyers.


We implement all the newest technologies to provide homeowners with a completely integrated and secure home that they can control and monitor from anywhere in the world.


We also install the newest technology to provide an energy efficient and eco friendly home that has sustainable energy sources and is eligible for annual tax deductions. This often may include solar energy, tankless water heaters and recycled materials.

Your investment dividends are paid on a per flip basis, not an annual basis so you have an opportunity to invest in multiple projects per year which will raise your annual ROI. The above chart is an example of what your returns may look like if you reinvest your principal and yield, per investment over a longer term.